Can I edit a PDF if I don't have the same fonts?

I am trying to edit a PDF file but I don't have the same fonts as are in the document. It there any way to edit the documents using the fonts I have on my system (even if they won't match visually)

Tony DeYoung

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Generally, you cannot edit text if you do not have the same exact font on your system. However, if you change the font of the text to something you do have then you can edit it. However, the text will no longer look the same and you are more likely to run in to the problems that happen when you edit text.

Editing text is generally a bad idea. Sometimes you can get lucky and change a single letter and all goes well, but I have seen it where you can edit a single character and have text move all around the page. When every possible go back to the original source and edit there. Then recreate the pdf.

When editing a file is impossible and you are in a real bind, you can try to export the pdf to rtf, recreate the file and then edit as needed then create a new pdf.

By Michael Kazlow   

Generally no. At least I haven't seen a woraround that works out for everyone. You could "try" to find the same font and install it but that doesn't always work either. Have you thought of saving it out as a Word document, editing it then creating a new PDF (with a different font of course?)

Dave Lackey   

The particular quick tip explains how to edit text in your PDF and what you can do if you don't have the existing fonts on your system.

Lori Kassuba   

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