Can I DISABLE the portfolio function? I just want to combine 2 .pdfs, not create a portfolio

I dont know how and when acrobat decides to create a portfolio versus just combining 2 or more .pdfs in the "normal" way, but I dont really want or need the portfolio function and it seems to just be slow, clunky and cause my acrobat to crash more than it does help.

When I want to combine, for example, two .pdfs with 3 pages each, I just want adobe to combine them into one 6 page .pdf, not create a portfolio w/ the 2 separate .pdfs. I notice this problem the most using the plug-in for Outlook. I select one or more emails and want to create one .pdf containing all those emails. Sometimes that's exactly what adobe does. Other times for whatever reason it decides to create a portfolio and put all the separate emails in it as separate .pdf files. As I mentioned it then tends to crash on me when I attempt to navigage it. And yes I'm using the most recent patch.

When and how does acrobat decide whether to simply combine .pdfs into one vs. creating a portfolio, and it is possible for me to just disable the portfolio function?

Chad Tarver

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You cannot disable Acrobat's Portfolio function.

Not much else to offer other than the usual check for possible updates (OS, Office, Outlook).
If any are available process them.
Consider an Acrobat repair.

Be well...

By David Austin   

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