Can't Embed Index in Acrobat X Standard?

I have a brand new laptop and brand new Acrobat X Standard.

I would like to index multiple pdfs, and previously did this on my old computer with Acrobat 9 Pro.

In Acrobat X Standard, when I choose Tools > Document Processing > Manage Embedded Index, the dialog box has "This document does not contain an embedded index."

AND the Embed Index option is grayed out -- I can't select it.

How do I embed an index?

Anita Brubaker

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If I am not too mistaken, creating indexes requires Acrobat Pro.

There is a feature list of the different Acrobat variants on the Adobe website.

By Max Wyss   

Make sure the files aren't protected against changes.
Go to File > Properties > Security.

If changes are not allowed...

... the embed index menu is diabled.

Marcus Radzuweit   

The only thing I can imagine is that the files were not protected at this point.

Marcus Radzuweit   

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