Windows 7; Adobe Reader XI version 11.0.2

I can print from MS word etc. but not from Adobe Reader. What I've done without success: Uninstalled the reader and reinstalled. Shut down restarted the computer (numerous times.) Determined the printer is working properly. In the Adobe reader EDIT/PREFERENCES/Uncecked ENABLE PROTECTED MODE AT STARTUP. Closed the application & restarted. Tried to PRINT IMAGE. In short, I've tried all the things recommended on the Adobe sites without success. I am out of gas and am in need of help.

Daniel Roll

1 Answer

In my experience, most printing problems with Acrobat and Reader are fixed by the newest available driver (which should to be newer than the release date of Acobat), so upgrade your printer driver and see if that fixes your problem.

Karl Heinz Kremer   

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