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I have a pdf file that was created as an export from Balsamiq Mockups. A bookmark is created for each page and the bookmark title is the original filename. I need to capture this filename and place it in the document footer.

I believe I need to create a watermark and use javascript to capture the bookmark title. But, I'm not sure of the actual script and how to execute it (preferably via a macro, since I'll be re-publishing out of Balsamiq Mockups, which will re-write the pdf).

Any assistance would help.


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A watermark would work, you could also put a field at the bottom of each page, and then flatten them at the end of the process. Something else you'll need to do is "execute" each bookmark to discover the page it is on.

Here is an article that shows how to use watermarking function:

I actually created a tool a while ago that does exactly what you are asking, but its not free. You'll find it here
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