Best Practices for Naming Documents

What are the best practices for naming documents in pdf format?

Leslie McKee

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The only thing recommended for PDF files is to use the .pdf extension.

The other part of the file names should be according to your use, and represent the requirements for your project. You are free to chose (almost) any name.

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By Max Wyss   

Hi all depends on what the PDF will be used for, if it's for the web, I would avoid putting spaces in between words and use - instead such as my-document.pdf, but if it wants to be archived, or sent to a printer, give it a code name at the beginning, something that is specific to the document, or something that would be easy for you to find in the future.

No right or wrong

Hope this helps.

Sean Mitchell   

You should consider exactly which OS file systems you files will be used on for the proper naming and directory structure standards.

Then conside how you will origanize or cateragize the files to come up with a naming convention.

George Kaiser   

I am in the process of scanning ordinances, resolutions and minutes since the late 1800's to today so that they can be searched as well as printed. As you can guess, this is an enormous undertaking but one well worth the effort. I want to make sure I save the documents properly. I currently us Microsoft XP. Does that make a difference?

Leslie McKee   

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