when loading acrobat reader at 96% I get a "Adobe bootstrapper for Single Installation has encountered a problem and needs to close" error. Any insight available?

John Smith

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I would just completely bypass the two-step download and installer system.

Goto the Get Adobe Reader page from Adobe's web site.
Click on the "Do you have a different language or operating system link?"
Use the dropdowns to choose your version.
Download as normal.
Install as you ought to.

Happy installing.


By Douglas Hanna   

Hard to tell without more information!

Do you have an open internet connection?

Reader and Acrobat install through a small startup program that gathers some information before downloading the entire install program and installing Reader or Acrobat.

What version of Reader are you installing?
What is the computer system?
What is the Operating System?
Is this an employer provided computer?
Are you upgrading Reader over an installed version?

George Kaiser   

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