Are documents opened in the mobile reader app stored on the phone or in the cloud?

I want to email my pdf to a client to sign on their Adobe Reader mobile app. They can do this through "drawing" their signature. Then I want them to email it back to me. I've tested the share function and can get it to send via email on the iPhone in a flattened form. The Android doesn't give me that option. Both apps say they save to a public file before it will let you email. Does that mean my form and their signature are stored in the cloud somewhere?

Teresa Houck

1 Answer

Not necessarily. If you have cloud synchronization turned on, then every file you work with might be copied to Adobe's Document Cloud, but it would only be available to your account.

When you email the document as an attachment, and it's then opened in the mobile Reader, the document will be stored on the device (phone or tablet).

What exactly does the message say? I don't think I've ever seen anything referring to a "public file".

You may want to consider using a solution that is more geared towards signing - take a look at Adobe's "Fill & Sign" app.

Karl Heinz Kremer
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