Arabic PDF to Excel

I want to convert a pdf document which has Arabic text (characters) and English text (numbers mainly) to Excel. English text gets converted properly but Arabic Text is either missing or changes to unreadable characters.

Bushra Haq

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Hi there

You need to load the Arabic fonts to your System fonts so that MS Excel can read them properly. Look for Fonts folder in your Windows OS and install the Arabic fonts to the Fonts folder on your Windows. You can also copy the Arabic fonts from Adobe Fonts to your Systems Fonts. Or you can download Free Arabic fonts to your system from the Internet.

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To get the best Arabic font to work with PDF or converting from a PDF is the Arabic Typesetting font. Although, I am unsure that arabic is supported in Excel unless you set up the software language files as such so you may need to check that to make sure or you will continue to get the weird characters.

Michael Anderson   

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