After installing Acrobat XI Pro, Safari does not open pdf files

Mac OS 10.6.8
iMac Intel Core 2 Duo
Safari 5.1.7

I installed Acrobat XI Pro, and safari no longer can open a pdf link. I was able to get FIrefox to work by removing the Acrobat NPAPI plug-in, but removing the plug-in from my library did not solve the problem with Safari.

Irving Bigio

2 Answers

Hi, this technique works for me with safari and i am running the exact same OS and specs as you.

Go to you applications folder, then SELECT Safari, by clicking just once so that it DOESN'T open, then press cmd + i to open up the info for Safari in Finder.

Then deselect 'Open in 32 bit mode" then quit and restart Safari.

Hope this helps?

Sean Mitchell   

I was already running 64-bit mode for Safari, but I was able to solve the problem by removing the Acrobat reader NPAPI plug-in, found in the Internet Pug-ins folder in the user library.

All works now. :-)

I have no idea why an installation of Acrobat XI Pro would install a pug-in that prevents Safari (and Firefox) from desplaying a pdf.

Something for Adobe to fix.

Irving Bigio   

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