AdobeLiveCycle ReaderEnablement but cannot sign in Reader

hi all

I have a pdf doc that i ReaderEnable through the applyUsageRights service via Adobe LiveCycle (for digital signatures and form fill in). The problem is that when i open the doc in Adobe Reader 9, i cannot sign - when i click on the signature tag, i get the error message:

"the selected signature plug-in failed to supply the required signature information. Expected a string object". I was wondering if there is anything that could be breaking the usage rights?

if i create a new pdf in acrobat professional 8 with a signature tag, then say 'Advanced->Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader', then open the doc in Reader, the signature works fine. I can't understand why enabling usage rights done from Pro allows me to sign, yet when applied form LiveCycle it doesnt work.

Any ideas are welcome, i cant seem to find the problem after hours of research!

Thanks very much.

Suvarna Singh

1 Answer

Is your form an XDP file twith embedded PDF data as input to an operation? Apparently there is an issue documented in the release notes on this at:

Lori Kassuba   

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