Adobe reader has stopped working message

Using Windows 7, IE 9 and Adobe Reader X. Whenever I close a window containing a pdf I get the message "Adobe Reader has stopped working". There are 2 options; Search for a solution on line and close program or just close program. If I select the first option it shows a rotating icon for a few seconds and then just stops.

How can I get Reader to just close without this error message every time?

Tim Newey

2 Answers

Do you have the latest updates to Reader installed? The current version is 10.1.1.

You can check for the version at the bottom of the dialog Help>About Adobe Reader
If not on the latest, you can update using Help->Check for updates and see if that resolves the issue.

Abhigyan Modi   

Hi, Thanks for the rapid response. I checked for updates (there were none) and the version is 10.1.1

Tim Newey   

Please specify a reason: