Adobe reader X1 , Acrobat X1 are these two products the same?

I received a PDF file and I has required to download Adobe
reader X1
I don't know how to open any of the PDF's that I receive. I can't find any directions that help me with this program.
I am at a loss. I am getting ready to do my taxes and I am afraid I will not be able to e file.
Please help me!

artie autin

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Adobe Reader is the software which is to read and view pdf files, fill pdf forms, print pdf files, email pdfs

Adobe Acrobat is used to do everything which the Reader does and Which the Reader does not do. Acrobat is used to create pdfs, create forms, edit pdfs, modify them, print them and much more which the Reader cant do.
Check out to know more about both softwares.

On one hand, Adobe Reader is the free software which you can download from and use lifetime.
Acrobat is a paid software which is free to use as a trial for only one month. You can download the same from too.



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Link to download Adobe Reader

Link to download Adobe Acrobat



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