Adobe distiller 9 not working properly on Win 7 Pro

Adobe distiller could convert whatever PS files that I had while on Win XP but the version 9 installed on Win 7 selectively converts into PDF. Not sure why some files are working while others are not working.

Rags R

2 Answers

Be sure that the Acrobat 9 install is fully updated.

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David Austin   

Installation of Acrobat gives you the "base line" dot release.

For Acrobat 9 that'd be '9.0'.

Then you install each available "update" to bring Acrobat 9 to the last dot release (9.5.5). Note that the Acrobat 9 product family past into "end of support" mid-year of 2013.

For the list and download link for each dot release update to each version of Acrobat

Go to:


Regarding the Distiller error - - some references that may help.

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David Austin   

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