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I recently upgraded to Adobe XI. Now I receive error messages whenever I try to open PDFs from Fidelity Investments. Is is situation a problem I created or is there something wrong with XI?

Richard Wenzel

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Thanks for the detailed response. With the level that the problem appears to exist, especially with regards to it working on one machine and not on another, the problem could very well be hardware related.

Hold on - before you start to go digging on Dell's website and quoting ISV standards - hear me out.

The computer where you are having problems appears to be the only one with the problem - all the other machines appear to be identical - except for the hardware. In otherwords, the hardware may have the same specification - same manufacturing process, part numbers, etc... but they are not the exact same physical component or device. No one would bat an eye as to two identical cars.... coming off the assembly line minutes apart as having different quirks. Why not the same with computers?

To quote our dear friend Mr. Holmes - Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.

My thought is that you might have found an issue that is in the long-tail of the hardware and/or software. Strip the machine and rebuild it. If the exact same issue is there - it has to be hardware related. If it goes away, it's most likely software (or, an errant sector on a harddrive that has now been mapped as bad and no longer used).

As for bashing Adobe - all of us 'Experts' have had our share of pro's and con's with working with them. And have had our hyperbolic rants. But, the same goes for Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, SAP, or any other large company. What we've found is that it is better to provide them with, as you have tried, solutions or at least error modes than just a blanket 'they sux', can't get anything right, and don't listen to their customers.

At the end of the day, Adobe will do what Adobe wants to do - the best we can do is influence, as a fly might influence the direction of an elephant.

The IT industry is broad, vast, deep, and, most importatly, always changing. The interdependance on toolssets, APIs, harware, firmware, wetware, and other interfaces is beyond mind-numbing. What works today, despite best efforts, may not work tomorrow. There is a lot less collaboration than you think. In many instances companies such as Adobe (or Microsoft or Apple) do not know of the latests version, patch, update, etc. until it's out the door. Even within their own organization. Then it's play catch-up for the 200+ applications, several thousand developers, and hundreds of millions of lines of code.


By Douglas Hanna   

Hi it's most likely that it's a problem with the installation.what exact error message are you receiving. And are these PDFs being downloaded of the web, if so, which browser are you using?

Sean Mitchell   

I would check to see if Adobe Flash is properly installed on your system. If you think it's being 'finicky' - uninstall, reboot, download and install the current version. Then run a Repair (Help | Repair) on Acrobat/Reader.

If you are having problems downloading and installing the latest version of Flash - you can go through the procedures here -

Background - Adobe removed Flash from being inside Acrobat to being outside. From a corp perspective this made only one copy of Flash that needed to be updated (sometimes daily) on everyone's workstation. A plus. Unfortunately, it requires that you (the systems admin), properly maintain the linkages between Flash and Acrobat/Reader - as those interfaces are no longer integrated and automagic.

In short - Adobe replaced one headache with another. I'm still not sure which is better.

Hope this helps.


Douglas Hanna   

I just started having the similar problems, not only on the Fidelity site but on others as well.

This is a brand new Dell Precision T7600 Workstation with Windows 7 SP1 x64 16MB of memory, Sata hard drives, etc (this is one of the most stable computers ever manufactured, meeting, complying and exceeding ISV-Certified standards) ...

I manage over 200 PC's with similar configurations. I've never seen this particular problem before. Nevertheless, since I've been researching it, apparently it has been going on for quite a while. It is happening to my customer using Adobe Reader XI (11.0.2). He only uses on his computer Microsoft Office 2010, AutoCad 2012 and Norton Internet Security. They have 19 other identical computers with identical hardware and software configurations. Only one up till now is presenting the problem.

The message is as stated above:

"There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If it is running, please exit and try again. (523:523)"

There is a problem with Adobe AcrobatReader. If it is running, please exit and try again. (523523).png

Initially I thought it was an IE10 issue (since it started around the time IE10 was released and installed) but as I've investigated on the web over the last couple of weeks, it appears to also be happening on other versions of IE and FireFox, other versions of Windows as well as with other versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat. The problem seems to be without a doubt an Adobe issue.

What is throwing me off is that I have 18 other computers of the same model, same updateswith identical software images as the one above. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing Adobe Reader, uninstalling again using Revo Uninstaller, using protected mode "on-off" solutions suggested on some forums, downgrading back to IE9, disabling all non-Microsoft startup items and many many other suggested fixes (even went to the extreme of removing Norton Internet Security completely just to be thorough). None have worked. My guess is that I will have to eventually wipe out the computer and do a clean install and hope the error does not reappear.

Also, the problem seems to be intermitent. At times it gives the error and once I click on "Ok" it opens the pdf document as if nothing had happened. At other times, closing IE10 and re-opening it solves the problem. Other times re-booting the computer solves it temporarily and other times, just going to another site with pdf files and opening them there and later returning to the website with the problem document allows us to open it without problems.

This behavior is very erratic, extremely disruptive and annoying to say the least. This seems definitely to be a bug with Adobe. I'm hoping that Adobe will "listen" and come up with a solution although my experience with Adobe over the years is that they do not even acknowledge issues (I know for a fact, by personal experience of errors and problems that have been annoying customers for years, error that are so persistent that they continue to annoy them trickling down from version to version and seen Adobe just ignore them.

My only advice, to whoever reads this, is to attempt some of the solutions described on a Google search or in this forum (some suggestions have worked for some users). Otherwise, make your voice be heard and post your complaint everywhere you can. It may be the only way to get Adobe's attention.

Bits ...

Robert Habib   

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