Adobe XI: "The document could not be printed" Error...

Adobe XI: I'm getting an Adobe Reader error when says "The document could not be printed" I select OK then it says, "There were no pages selected to print". I'm no MIS grad, but I do know how to print. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Robert Gale

3 Answers

This has been a problem for years now and usually it is either a bad PDF, printer is not configured correctly or cannot read the request for some reason.

The first step would be to run through the troubleshoot guide but the most workable solution is to Print as Image as that has the most success. Another thing for you to do is check to make sure your printer drivers are up to date as well as that is a common problem with new software and printers not being compatible with them.

Michael Anderson   

I have EXACTLY the same problem except when I print high res pdfs that I've made using Pass4Press settings. Seem the only way around it for now. Adobe really are getting worse and worse.

Peter Knight   

It got solved for me by doing the following

Edit -> Preferences-> Documents -> View Documents in PDF/A mode ........Make it as "Never"

Restart your adobe reader and now you should be able to print.

Hariharasudhan Raghavendran   

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