Adobe X Install Error Code 1336 and System Error Code 5


After downloading Adobe X, the install begins and then stops due to an Error Code 1336 where it is stated that Adobe was not able to install a temp folder in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins and ended with a System Error Code 5. This has been occurring since the release of Adobe X and I have moved to several browsers yet I'm still not able to load Adobe X! Is there any real solution to this?

Roosevelt C. Nichols

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Hi Roosevelt,

That is a Microsoft Windows Installer error code message,not Adobe Acrobat. See-

Two solutions offered on a Microsoft support forum are to-

1. Uninstall and then reinstall "As Administrator"by right clicking on the exe file and choosing Run As Administrator.

2. You may have too many files in the Windows tempfolder.

To delete the temporary files click start -> type%temp% and press enter -> delete allthe files and folders completely. Also make sure the recycle bin in empty. Thenreinstall Acrobat.

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Hope this helps,


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