Adobe Reader X

My Vista system has Adobe Reader X installed and unable to open, view or print any pdf files. When I try to open a Pdf file, I receive a message: There is problem with Acrobat/Reader. If it is running, please exit and try again (1074724867:3). Please help me....

Sandy Carpenter

2 Answers

Try to end the processes of Adobe reader from the task manager.
the process name would be acrord32.exe
and the try opening the pdf files.
and what is the version of Adobe Reader that you are using.

veer singh   

Everytime I tried to open a pdf file, security needed permission to open acrord32.exe. I would authoize it and that message I previously reported came up. I was using Adobe Reader X. I finally uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Reader 8 and all works fine. I don't think that X is compatible with my Vista 64 bit system. I have had problems with X on this system since I upgraded. Thanks

Sandy Carpenter   

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