Adobe Reader X (10.1.4) "Highlight text" does not work

Adobe Reader "Highlight text" does not work
OS:Win7, Adobe Reader X: Version 10.1.4

When I receive PDF documents, I can use "highlight" fine.
However, when I create PDF documents from my HP Laserjet, I can select "highlight text" and the text selection cursor shows/changes, but the selected text does not highlight/function.

I have checked (under Comment property), that the color is yellow and tried all modes of opacity, but nothing happens.

Any advice?

Mahalo from Hawaii!!

brent braden

2 Answers

You have to first run OCR on a scanned page in order to be able to highlight text using this tool.

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Gilad D (try67)   

As I have been directly asked…

The other poster's suggestion is pretty much covering it.

In addition, you might also have a look at the way you create the PDFs (unless you are using your LaserJet as a scanner).

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss

Max Wyss   

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