Adobe Reader Installer freezes up

Adobe Reader Installer freezes the screen and computer locks up about 65% through extracting files. Tried 9.4.7, 935.0, and 10.x.x. Had to force a reboot each time. Any ideas?

Neal Riley

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Hey Neal,
Try this link to download adobe reader 10.0.0 and save the exe file and then try to install on your machine.

Veer Singh

veer singh   

Download Adobe Reader from the link below and install it on your machine:

Rohit Anand   

Thanks.... I down loaded 8.3 (after trying 10 and 9.5) from the adobe site and it installed. That was right after Adobe 10 locked up the PC at the same place in extracting the files.

Thanks all....

Neal Riley   

I had been running 9.something and was upgrading when my system froze. After reboot, I uninstalled Adobe Reader and downloaded the mini-installer for both 9 and X ... neither would get past extracting the files before locking things up again. Downloaded the complete releases (9 & X) from the direct links and tried again with the same failed results. This was after a full disk defrag, scan disk, BIOS update, and attempting the install with startup programs off and all but M/S services disabled ... again, no success. Finally downloaded 8.3 and it installed without any issues. Adobe has definitely screwed something up with their current releases of 9 and X.

One NASA   


That was my solution also. Version 8.3 extracted and installed without a hitch. A subsequent update was performed without any problems a day later. I agree Adobe has something going wrong. I am sure it will be corrected as soon as they realize the problem.

But as of right now, 8.3 works just great.

Neal Riley   

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