Adobe Pro 9 wont convert the word 2003 documents running XP

Installed Acrobat Pro 9 a year ago and had run fine until about 3 months ago. Quit converting Word files and letting me sign digital. Running Xp Word 2003 with updates and Adobe Pro9. get error message starting word file to convert and then need to repair Adobe 9. Have run reinstaller several times and still not working. Have run installer for PRO 9 in Control panel where Adobe Pro appears for a fix still will not start the converter. I did a standard installation which before picked up all the known file programs on computer to convert. what to do now.

Hank Henry

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You can do a custom install and select to install the MS Office add-ins.

You may also need to enable the PDFMaker add-in in MS Office.

Troubleshoot Acrobat PDFMaker problems | Microsoft Office | Windows

By George Kaiser   

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