Adobe DC. Hyperlinking attachments so when they close the parent documents remains open.

I am preparing a legal brief and want to attach supporting excerpts to the brief as separate pdfs that can be hyperlinked. The pdfs attach and I can hyperlink them. OK so far. The problem is opening the hyperlink and then returning to the parent document when the link is closed. When the hyperlink is closed only the attachment remains;the parent document closes and goes away. Very frustrating.I have a work-around by combining all pdf files and hyperlinking to each attachment. However many attachments are multiple pages so if the reader begins scrolling, then how does he get back? Alt + left arrow is too cumbersome and confusing. We put return links on the bottom of each page of the attachments--but really? This is a hokey way to do things. Thanks. Russell.

russell vanrozeboom

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When you first set a link, you don't have control over how the document is opened, but when you edit such a link to an external document, you can specify if the linked document should be opened in the same window, or a new window:

Open document in new Window

Just change the "Widnow set by user preference" to "New window".

This way, when the user closes the newly opened window, the main document is still open.

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