Add another toolbar to Adobe Reader X version 10.1.3.

IN one of the training videos there was another toolbar (or another toolbar row). I have looked through very carefully to find out how to do this (I would like to use a lot of icons) but somehow I cannot find out how to do this, and none of the help topics appears to deal with this. I would be grateful if you could help me. Thanks.

John Jackson

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Hi John,

(1) To add specific tools inside a tool section:
Right-click on any tool section (like the 'Page Navigation' or 'Page Display' tools) of your toolbar.
And select the specific tool you want (a checkmark next to the tool will tell you which ones are currently selected).

(2) Customizing other toolbars
Try right-clicking on the toolbar and exploring other options to add to the main toolbar.

Word of caution: Acrobat doesn’t show checkmarks next to the tools sections that are currently showing (nor dim them nor provide any other sort of visual feedback).
So it’s not immediately clear, for example, that when a tool has been added to the toolbar, right-clicking and selecting that tool again from the dropdown menu will remove it from the toolbar but leave the other ones you added alone.
If in trouble, just choose 'Reset Toolbars' and begin again from scratch.

By Leonel Coelho   

Go to Veiw->Show/Hide->Toolbar Items->Quick Tools. Here you can add (or remove) items to be shown in the toolbar.

Hope this helps,


Clinton Dyches   

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