Add a Sharepoint account to Acrobat DC on a mac with authentication?

In Acrobat DC for Mac I want to connect to our company's Sharepoint 2013 server. I have full control over the address entered in the box, yet Acrobat can't connect. Nowhere does it ask for my credentials or authentication, so how is the SP server going to know it is ok to let me through?

The exact error:

"Error connecting to the server. Please check your network connectivity, check if URL should be http or https and ensure that you have permissions to access this network resource."

I am logged in through the browser to the sharepoint site, however it is not like on our windows desktops and laptops that they are automatically recognized and logged on system-wide.

We want to have our documents available for Mac users as well as Windows users and enabling both parties to collaborate on documents.

Coen D

1 Answer

Can you access the internal network of your employeer?

This is not your employers publick web site but the internal network used by emplyees in the office.

You may need to contact you employer's IT department. Many companies have specail connection requirements to access the internal networks if they allow it..

George Kaiser   

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