Action with different Redaction properties..

Is it possible to make, let's say, 2 actions, where I define different Redaction properties. Eg. one is redacting with red color, the other with Black and some overlay text..
I'm in Acrobat X Pro but about to upgrade!
Thanks in Advance

Rasmus Jensen

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The redaction annotation does not allow for the chnging of the color of the font when being applied by JavaScript so currently it is not possible.

By George Kaiser   

Alright, thank you.. Is it the same with Area fill color?

Case is, my colleagues and clients needs to know what kind of classified text that has been redacted. I thought of giving them the info by redaction color (red = Persondata, green= Companynames etc.).

So, can you specify different area fill colors or maybe text phrases, in an action, or how do I do this?

Rasmus Jensen   

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