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Hi, i have developed the code to split the PDF document using Acrobat XI pro. It is working fine but the only concern is, it is failed in multi thread in C# application.

Situation is, in multi thread when one PDF document using Acrobat and cannot able to finish the process then other PDF document getting queued.

This makes major problem for us. is there any alternate solution and we want that if first is stuck then other should go.

Please help me to make it success.


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You can only call the Acrobat API from one thread.

Also, it sounds like you are running this application in at least a "server like" environment. Acrobat is no technically suitable for that, but even more important, it is not licensed for this use. Please check the EULA for more information about what you can and cannot do with Acrobat.

If you want to use a solution that can be multi-threaded, you will have to look at PDF libraries and frameworks that can do that. If you want to stick with Adobe's solution, take a look at the Adobe PDF Library (licensed via DataLogics: There are of course 3rd party libraries available from other vendors.

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