Acrobat freezes when I add the "Digital Signature" field in "Forms".

I have a PDF that I need to apply 2 different Digital Signature fields. 1 for myself to Certify and 1 for the Plan Reviewer to sign after his review. When I go and open up the document in "Forms" and then select "Digital Signature" and place a new signature box, the PDF just hangs and the icon just spins.

Kyle Froling

3 Answers

In which Acrobat version are you?

Does it happen with any PDF document? (you might try it out with something very simple)

Max Wyss   

I am using Acrobat X Professional. This does not happen with "every" document, I have noticed it happens more often that not on drawings "printed" to PDF using CAD. These drawings do have layers. They used Acrobat X PDF Printer to convert.

Kyle Froling   

I would never accept a scanned digital signature in a legal document, and neither would anyone else who knew what they were doing. In answer to all those who say anyone could insert a scan of your signature - yes they could. Which is why such a thing is worthless legally. You CAN sign a document digitally, but it is a completely different process and has nothing at all to do with your "signature". Your hand-written signature is valuable because it is a)subtly different every time you write it, and b)difficult to forge.

Jehnavi Pat   

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