Acrobat failed to connect to a DDE server

I'm a Acrobat XI Pro user on a windows 8.1 system. I recently added Acrobat XI reader (on 9/6). Last night I received an update notification which I applied (I believe it as for reader). Since the update my Adobe reader would lock up and stop processing, to the extent I was unable to kill the program via task manager. Opening a document in Acrobat Pro resulted in the same issue. One of the open documents eventually died, then displayed the following error:

Acrobat failed to connect to a DDE server.

I was also unable to reboot. Reboot process apparently was unable to free the running Acrobat programs. I was able to successfully stop the program by powering off and back on the machine, but got the same errors when trying to open a document with either reader or acrobat pro after rebooting. Finally I restored system to restore point created just before the last night's Acrobat update (which reapplied some windows updates I had done last night as well, after the restore). When I received the update notification again, I refused to allow it to execute, then uninstalled Adobe Reader. Things appear stable now.

Are there any known problems running Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Pro together (Version 11)?

Note that I did create a dump file for one of locked up Acrobat tasks before the restore.


brad erenberger

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Try running the Repair command from under the Help menu to see if it corrects the problem.

By Lori Kassuba   

As I said, I've already cleared it by restoring system to point prior to installing update from last night. But if I run into it again, is there a way I can run this function via another means? Since Acrobat hangs (both reader and Pro), I will be unable to access the repair function through help.


brad erenberger   

You can also run the Repair command from the Windows Control panel.

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Lori Kassuba   

Perfect! Many thanks.

brad erenberger   

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