Acrobat XI re-install crashes at How can I reinstall? Was trying to fix udate error 1328.

I could not install the latest update for Adobe Acrobat Pro XI because I kept getting Error 1328 for various files in the Config.msi directory. The fix on the Adobe website was uninstall and reinstall.

When I attempted to reinstall the installation program rolls back when it reaches, which is found in the C:\Windows\System32 directory and appears to be the .pdf printer driver?

I used Windows System Restore to roll back to before the uninstall, but it didn't work. I now can't start Acrobat at all, and the error message instructs me to reinstall.

What now?

Susan H Beaty

1 Answer

Fixed my own problem after all. I was going to uninstall what was on the machine using Revo Uninstaller, and noticed there was an option to repair the installation. I chose to "Repair" and only had to get the installation disk out to copy the file from the CD to the C:\Program files(x86) \Adobe\Acrobat 11.0\Setup Files directory. I did get another Error 1328 for some .tmp file int config.msi directory, but I ignored it and Acrobat 11 is running again.

For others information, my system is a 64-bit Windows 10 installation.

Susan H Beaty   

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