Acrobat XI Pro CC Requires Sign In Every Time I Try to Use the App

Unlike my other Creative Cloud download apps, Acrobat XI Pro CC requires me to sign in in order to use the app or even open a PDF. First I get a Adobe Software License Agreement screen I must "Accept", then I get a "Sign In Required" screen that says "Please sign in with your Adobe ID to use your trial of Acrobat XI Pro." Then I have to sign in with my Adobe ID. I have downloaded the Acrobat XI Pro app through my creative cloud license and it says "Up to date". Once I do all of this, I can use the app as long as I don't shut down my PC. I am using Windows 7 on a PC on a 64-bit OS. None of my other installed CC apps require this. Is this normal and, if not, how do I stop it?

Kathy Rakosky

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Do I install the Creative Cloud single app software on my computer? Or is it a cloud-based application that I access via the Internet?

Acrobat Pro XI Creative Cloud single app edition is installed locally on your computer, just like regular Acrobat Pro products. The functionality of a Creative Cloud single app edition is same as the regular product. It's not necessary to be online to use your Acrobat Pro XI Creative Cloud single app. Access to the Internet is needed during installation and licensing of your software and once every 30 days thereafter. The software alerts you when a connection to the Internet is required for a license status check.

So, what you described doesn't seem to be normal.

Are you over the first 30 days?

There was a frequent 30th-day bug with Acrobat: after 30 days, access was denied because the program claimed that the free trial was expired.

If I were you, I'd try "Solution 3" which doesn't require a patch. That patch might not be suitable for Acrobat XI as that issue arose with Acrobat X.

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Hope it helps.

Ricardo Falegnami   

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