Acrobat X pro ( keeps crashing on on a Macbook pro running OS 10.8.2

Hello, I have run Acrobat X pro ( on a Macbook pro OS 10.8.2 since september 2012.

Last week, Acrobat kept crashing - repeatedly - approximately 5-10 seconds after opening and/or just after a minor bout of activity like opening a pdf...

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Acrobat as part of CS5.5.
I have deactivated acrobat from within another programme in CS 5.5 package and then reactivated Acrobat.
I have quadruple-checked that my Mac OS and my versions of Acrobat Pro X / CS 5.5 are all up to date.
I have opened and used other CS5.5 programs (Illustrator, etc) and these appear to be functional still.
I have disabled any pdf plugins in my web browsers.
I have rebooted and tried and tried again with same result(s).
I have created a second user profile for my computer and tested to see if the product crashed again, it did.
I have called Adobe customer service and tried 'instant messaging' (both were thoroughly unhelpful).
I have read the user forms and noticed that there is some options for reinstalling CS 6 in windows but these don't mention mac specifically

I would really like to know what I can do about this incredibly time consuming fix-it challenge.

Iain McKechnie

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1- try using another user-account, if Acrobat is OK :

2- Revert to your usual account and go to : User : Library : Preferences
Search for files containing "Acrobat" in their name, put them in the trash, and empty the trash.


By JR Boulay   

this issue did not get resolved for me and have been very dissapointed by acrobat and adobe support on this issue. it has been very poor in my experience.

To resolve this issue to the point of being able to use acrobat, I had to reinstall my old version of Acrobat 9 which is not part of the CS5.5 suite and uninstall Acrobat 10.

Its interesting that this user forum seems to provide ample space 'answers' but in fact I would consider this unanswered still.

Iain McKechnie   

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