Acrobat X Pro error optimising files

HI, I'm having problems optimising a pdf. I get an error message saying 'an error was encountered white flattening transparent objects'.

Problem breakdown: original artwork done in InDesign CS6. Exported as a low res pdf. In Acrobat X Pro I combined several pdfs (covers, inside publication).

When I try to optimise / reduce the file's size, I keep on getting the error message 'an error was encountered white flattening transparent objects'. When the error message pops up, a complete new document is ADDED to the original combined file !, thus doubling the page count. This is crazy.

Because of the error message, the file is not saved.

I've checked the transparency settings and all is fine.

More info: I'm using Acrobat X Pro 10.1.7. My system: OS X 10.8.4. Thanks for helping.

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- Creating a pdf
- Combining a pdf
- Optimising a pdf

Yvonne Nelson

2 Answers

Problem solved. A mystery. Thanks!

Yvonne Nelson   

Hi, I have the same problem too. How did you fix it? Thanks

yizhou wang   

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