Acrobat X Pro - How do I find/add Modify | Edit Portfolio in an email portfolio? (Acrolaw blog 11/1/09)

Under the Marking Files section of the blog titled Creating Email Portfolios for Small EDD Productions, there is a screenshot of the Edit PDF Portfolio panel. I however do not have that panel available. Originally, I was not able to even create PDF portfolios due to not having a flash player installed (weird), but now we're trying to figure out what could be the reason this panel is not available. No panels are available in the email portfolio; panels are however available in a regular portfolio.

Thank you for your assistance!

Angela P

1 Answer

Packages and Portfolios are constantly being changed. Newer versions of Acrobat no longer use Flash for managing the portfolio UI. This causes problems for users and developers. It looks like Evermap AutoPortfolio supports versions 7 through DC. Have you tried Evermap support forums.

George Kaiser   

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