Acrobat Pro XI 'a drawing error occured'; error processing page. An internal error'!

Had Acrobat Pro XI working without issue until installed Firefox 25.0 update. Then unable to open 'some' online PDF files with FF builtin PDF; Acrobat Pro or Adobe add-on (Firefox). Advice was that I needed Reader XI. Reluctantly installed. This solved the online issue but created another. I ran 'repair' in Acrobat to no avail. I could not open Adobe PDF files (dbl click) in Acrobat Pro despite selecting as the default. Uninstalled Reader and only after using CCCleaner to empty Temp AND defragging cld I open larger (20mb) files... but only some... now have "a drawing error occurred" and "error processing page.An internal error"...This at least was a change from 'memory error". By the way Reader was able to open ALL so why am I having this problem when I have the latest Acrobat PRO? Any help greatly appreciated as I use all the time for my work.

Vicki Eldridge

2 Answers

Uninstall Acrobat and Reader using the Acrobat Cleaner Tool

Re-install Acrobat and try again.

Bilal Ansari   

When I get the "drawing error has occured" I let it finish and then do File>Save As> and choose either OPTIMIZED PDF or REDUCED SIZE PDF. It works for me; however, YMMV.


Shervelle Marquina   

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