Acrobat Pro X won't update past 10.1.4 (windows 8 64-bit)

I had Acrobat 10.1.5 installed and couldn't update to 10.1.6. Error "no valid sequence could be found for the set of patches". Uninstalled and rebooted. Reinstalled 10.0.0 and then downloaded and installed each patch in turn successfully through 10.1.4. Trying to run 10.1.5 patch results in the original error and 10.1.6 patch installer can't find the program. Running "Check update" results in error 1648.

Have tried the various registry fixes relating to Office 2003 without luck. This seems to be a semi-common problem - anyone found an answer that works?

Michael Plant

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Never mind... upgraded to XI and all is well...

By Michael Plant   

Just to clarify - MS Installer 5 is installed on this system. The various fixes that I mention above relate to XP machines with MS Installer 3.1 installed.

Michael Plant   

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