Acrobat DC and "ClearScan"

Regarding "ClearScan" - This has been renamed in Acrobat DC.

--| If you are using Acrobat Pro, Clearscan has been renamed to "Editable text and images".
"Editable text and images" is not available for Acrobat Standard though.

--| Clearscan has been upgraded to "Editable Text and Images".
Now it uses heuristics to figure out the original font that was used in the original document.
This feature is now also available as part of editing.
So now you can edit your scanned documents too using "Edit PDF" tool.

--| There won't be any difference in the appearance of the already exiting text.
The matching part is about assigning the name to the created fonts.
Fonts were being created in ClearScan also but they were named something like FDxxxxx.
Now, the appearance would be exactly same as Clearscan but it will figure out the font that was used in original document
and assign it a name accordingly.
In addition to this if you want to add some new text, since we have figured out the font
we will try to match the appearance of the new text with the already existing text.
This was not there in ClearScan.
So it is an upgrade with additional functionality without compromising the appearance.

--| There is no functional change in the output options. However we keep improving our features in terms of performance.

Reference (Varinder.Saini, Staff):

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