Acrobat 9 getting error messages

I can use many functions of Acrobat, including creating a PDF from the clipboard. However, recently while attempting to use Acrobat to create a PDF from either a Word document or from the Forms Wizard, I get the following messages

Message window title - Create Adobe PDF
Message text - "Missing PDFMaker files. Do you want to run the installer in repair mode?"
Message response buttons - "Yes", "No"

If I click on "Yes" it runs for several minutes, then displays the following

Message window title - Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended - English, Francais ...
Message text - "Error 1310. Error writing to file:
C:\Config.Msi\135cc8e.rbf. verify that you have access to that directory."

Message response buttons - "Retry", "Cancel"

If I click on "Retry" it runs again for several minutes, then displays the same message.

So even though I have made no changes to Acrobat in the past 2 years, I am guessing that my installation of it is somehow corrupted. I am guessing that I must reinstall the base release, then reapply updates.

So my questions now are

1) Is my strategy to reinstall Acrobat 9 Pro Extended base and then reinstall the udpates the best approach?
2) After looking over the Adobe site I found release notes for Acrobat 9.5.5 stating it is the last update for release 9. However, I am unable to locate the actual 9.5.5 update to download.

Looking here

I see only updates to Acrobat 11 and 10. Where do I find update 9.5.5?
3) Once I find it, is update 9.5.5 a cumulative update that includes all previous updates to 9?
4) Should I uninstall Acrobat 9 before attempting to reinstall it?

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, version 9.5.2

Douglas Larson

Voted Best Answer

The Acrobat 9.x product family passed into "End of Support" mid-year of 2013. Adobe no longer provides updates at the default product update location for versions of applications that have passed into "End of Support".

Note that the Acrobat 9.x product family is not compatible with any contemporary OS.

n.b., The updates for the Acrobat versions that have passed into End of Support are archived at the FTP site:

When processing updates for Acrobat do them sequentially.

Be well...

By David Austin   

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