Acrobat 9 Pro & Windows 7 (64-bit)

Is there a hotfix for issues installing Acrobat Pro 9 specifically on a Windows 7 OS (64-bit)? I own 9 Pro, and just purchased a new laptop with Windows 7, and can't install it.

I've found a hotfix and updates for other MS operating systems, i.e., Vista, XP, etc. But none that deals specifically with Windows 7. I've also found downloads for other older versions of Acrobat but not one for 9 Pro.

I am not in a financial position to purchase another and appreciate any info you can pass on.

Lydia Frazier

3 Answers

No "hot fix" from Adobe.

For Windows 7 Acrobat 9's update to 9.2 provide compatibility with the OS.
Note that Acrobat is a 32-bit application not a 64-bit application.

As Windows 7 updates occured so to Acrobat 9 (and X) had to be updated.
With Acrobat 9 in Windows 7 there is one disadvantage.
Windows 7 does not support Acrobat 9's PDFMaker for Office 2010 applications.
For that you must have Acrobat X. The Acobat X update 10.1 provided support, by PDFMaker, of some Office 2010 64-bit applications.

If using Acrobat 9 (fully updated) you'd File > Print to the Adobe PDF virtual printer for the Office applications or use the Office application's Save As - PDF/XPS feature.


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David Austin   

You may find the upgrade information helpful.
It provides information about upgrade paths from pre-Acrobat X products and the cost.

With each release of an Acrobat version the upgrade information is updated.


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David Austin   

I've run in to issues with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro extended with windows 7 64 bit. I have not yet found a solution for it yet. IE8 32bit and MS Office Word 2010 along with other 32 bit applications stop working properly until it is uninstalled. In IE8 32bit, the tool bars no longer work properly. Any dialog boxes and buttons related to IE8 32bit do not contain any text. The Word 2010 ribbon looks ok but when you do a File - open, all you see is icons but no text. You cannot browse as you cannot see the folder names. This is on a freshly imaged system with all the MS patches installed.

Joshua Kunze   

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