Abode acrobat 8 Professional not converting word files to PDF.

I have adobe acrobat 8 professional. Now it has stopped converting word documents into PDF and gives error msg after 10% process, "PDF conversion process failed, please correct the error and retry" The photos are no problem. Whats wrong?

Papa Rai

4 Answers

Try using the Adobe PDF printer. Does that fail as well? If so, try printing half of each document until you can find the page that is refusing to print.

Michael Kazlow   

Converting Word to PDF implies use of PDFMaker. There is a "band" of OS and application compatibility with the PDFMaker provided by a specific Acrobat version. You might be experiencing a compatibility issue. A compatibility "matrix" is available at:


David Austin   

I have the same problem. If I use the "print pdf" option within Word I get an error message "Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: setdistillerparams; ErrorInfo: CalCMYKProfile U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2". This occurs even with a simple one page document. Support for version 8 was just discontinued at the beginning of November - could that be the problem?

Jeanne Bush   

Thanks a lot. Now it is running smoothly.

Papa Rai   

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