Prior to latest versions of Reader, adobe has faithfully preserved formatting and font of all documents in .pdf. Now ALL of my .pdf documents are distorted ... even documents I have had for years.

what is going on?


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Look under Edit - Preferences - Page Display. What settings are selected in the Resolution and Rendering sections?

By Gilad D (try67)   

In what way, exactly?

Gilad D (try67)   

it is as though the resolution is 1/10th of normal. the font is light, pictures are pixilated, nothing is sharp. I have been using adobe at home and through work, since it first came out and have never had this kind of problem. I mean, heck, the whole point of Adobe reader is to faithfully render a document on any paltform... and it's not doing that for me.


I had this problem too, Acrobat suddenly made all my document fonts look like disjointed squares. I tried Edit -> Page Display -> Smooth Text, Rendering for Monitor (all ticked) -> Page Content and Information (ticked Use Smooth Zooming). After that, all PDF documents were back to their original state!

Goru Arvind   

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